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About my practice

          I am a licensed marriage and family counselor with over twenty years of combined experience in working in the mental health field as a school counselor, private practice and character education, conflict management program development in schools. I have particular interest in working  with adolescents, families and individuals experiencing anxiety, adjustment issues, and depression. 

          Each person, client, is unique, and therefore, I rarely use a singular theoretical method of therapy. I consider the needs of the individual and use a variety of psychological frameworks to help the client discover and grow personal strengths and skills, live with compassion, overcome adversity  and build authentic connections with themselves and others. We may choose to focus on symptoms and that are current, using cognitive behavior techniques or mindfulness practices to relieve stress and enhance quality of life. We may engage in psychodynamic therapy in exploring patterns of behavior that may have thwarted personal growth, and strengths that have contributed to your successes, your well being. While I have an interest, and numerous education hours in neuro-science related therapy as well as trauma response treatment,



•  BA in elementary and secondary education

•  Pupil Personnel Credential (school counseling)

•  Masters and licensed in Marriage Family Counseling 

•  Level 1 certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


•  California Association of Marriage Family Therapists

•  Marin Association of Marriage Family Therapists 

•  Co-Chair of Marin CAMFT’s Trauma and Disaster Response Team

•  Member of Psychology Today

•  Member of LinkedIn as an MFT

          I believe that a therapist should look at the needs of the individual and/or family, and then collaboratively develop a plan to work through problems toward the enjoyment of a productive and fulfilling life.

          The culture and practices within our environment can produce specific stressors. I believe that “our times”  present unique challenges with the potential technological displacement of relationships and isolation. Levels of stress, anxiety and depression are increasing in our children, our teens, our young adults. Social media has added a tremendous amount of stress, particularly on children, but truly adults as well, to perform, to produce,  and to be “our very best.” This often unrealistic burden of excellence can  wear upon even the strongest of us. The journey toward a healthier family where all members are heard and respected, where trust dwells, is important. 

        Whatever the modality, the goals, the intent, I firmly believe that an eventful and  journey begins with a client and therapist relationship that fosters trust, learning and growth. It is a collaborative process that works well when compassion leads the way. 

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